Visual Studio Code 1.71 is now released with the following updates:

The FFmpeg shared library provided as part of VS Code previously only supportedFLACcodec. In this release, the library has been updated to support the following list of codecs and containers:

  1. Vorbis
  2. Flac
  3. H.264
  4. VP8
  5. WAV
  6. MP3
  7. Ogg

The Code Action control has been overhauled. Instead of a simple Code Actions menu, there is now a custom control that makes it easier to find the desired Code Action:

The new controls also allow VS Code to display additional information. For example, you can now hover over disabled Code Actions to see why they are disabled:

  • Terminal update– Fish and Git Bash shell integration, new smooth scrolling.
    • Improved shell integration
    • Terminal now supports smooth scrolling, which animates scrolling for a short period of time to help n see where you are after scrolling, similar to editors and lists.
    • Underline styles and colors are now supported using escape sequences pioneered by the kitty terminal.
    • Made several improvements to terminal rendering

The Jupyter extension now allows users to paste screenshots or image files into Markdown cells in their notebooks.Currently only supportedimage/pngmime type. To use this feature, the following settings need to be added/enabled:

"ipynb.experimental.pasteImages.enabled": true
"editor.experimental.pasteActions.enabled": true

More details can beView the official announcement.

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