XMeshMY is a Maya plugin that loads and saves geometry in Autodesk Maya in the XMesh file format, which includes:

  • Saver Plugin for Execution Caching (XMesh Saver)
  • Loader plugin (XMesh Loader) that executes loading

XMesh Saver is a scriptable dialog that builds on the functionality of the XMesh Saver plugin for saving geometry to a sequence of XMesh files.

While this UI is fully functional and can be used by both individuals and studios, some larger facilities may choose to reimplement the save portion of XMesh to integrate more deeply with their existing pipelines.

For them, the source code of XMesh Saver is available as an implementation guide, present in several Python files in the Scripts folder of the XMesh MY installation.

XMesh Loader implements a sequenceXMesh Maya node that is connected to a Maya Shape node and transformed by a Maya Transform node. The sequenceXMesh node exposes all XMesh Loader user interface controls in the Maya Attribute Editor.

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