This year’s annual OSC China open source project selection is newly planned“The hottest Chinese open source project community”Awards, and added a new “geek” gameplay.In this context, developers have displayed their talents and actively contributed to open source projects“heat value”.

Developers with a strong “open source” spirit have directly open sourced the popular tools: provides Linux and Windows versions very intimately.

“Hotness Value” is the core indicator for selecting “Hottest Chinese Open Source Project Community”. During the selection period, a “Hotness” widget will be added to the homepage of each open source project, as shown in the figure below:

We provide two ways for users to contribute to open source projects.

1. Conventional method

After the user logs in to the accountclick the blue button on the right to contribute “heat” to the open source project you want to support.

Every time you click the “Contribution Popularity” button, the popularity value of the project will be randomly increased by 1 or 10.The button supports combos.caution:Do not close the page while the progress circle is loadingotherwise the “heat value” will be lost.

2. Geek gameplay

Compared with the conventional way of manually “clicking the button”, the geek game allows programmers to contribute “hotness” in the way they are good at, which is more efficient and more playable.

As mentioned above, the popularity contributed each time a user clicks a button is not fixed, because we use “Proof-of-Work (PoW)” The rules for calculating heat are devised, soThe greater the workload of the user to complete the calculation,The heat that can contribute is higher.

Proof of work is a way of proving that a computation is difficult and cannot be done quickly. Its basic idea is that in order to do a specific job, a lot of calculations must be done.

Proof-of-work is usually done collaboratively by two main groups of parties:Proposer and Validator. The proposer is responsible for submitting a proof that solves the problem, and the verifier is responsible for verifying that the submitted proof is correct. If the verifiers find the proof to be correct, they approve the proof and broadcast it to the network.

Therefore, in addition to contributing heat by clicking the conventional button, under the PoW mechanism, we have designed another way to contribute heat:

  • The user writes the algorithm function to complete the “calculation” locally;
  • Submit the proof of “calculation” to News Fast Delivery;
  • If the proof of the “calculation” is verified, the corresponding heat value will be added to the corresponding open source project.

Specifically: the user will Open source project ID(browser console input page.objId Obtain)user ID(browser console input page.g_user_id Obtain)and token (customized random string, cannot be repeated, the maximum length is 255) As a variable, then write the algorithm function yourself, and generate a hash value based on the above variables. If the generated hash value meets the following conditions and passes the server-side verification, you can successfully contribute to the open source project.

Check the specific operation:

Welcome to the homepage of open source projects to contribute to your favorite open source projects!

At the same time, we have created a discussion thread for everyone to share their own algorithm functions, welcome to play together!

>> Algorithm discussion area


>>>>>> “2022 OSC China Open Source Project Selection”


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