VirtualBox is a powerful x86 virtual machine software with rich features and excellent performance. VirtualBox 7.0.4 is a maintenance release that fixes and/or adds the following:

  • VMM: Added nested paging support for nested virtualization
  • VMM: Fixed possible virtual process crash on Windows host when Hyper-V is used with certain guests
  • VMM: Fixed Windows XP guest hang or BSOD on AMD CPUs in some cases
  • GUI: Various bug fixes for the Guest Control file manager
  • GUI: Added more informative file operations in Guest Control file manager
  • GUI: Added option to adjust UI font size in global settings (display page)
  • GUI: Fixed a regression in the new virtual machine wizard.Selected virtual disks are no longer deleted when the wizard is canceled
  • GUI: Added a new menu item in the equipment menu with the option to upgrade the guest’s extras
  • VirtioSCSI: Fixed EFI firmware recognition of virtio SCSI controllers
  • VirtioSCSI: Fixed a hang caused by shutting down a virtual machine when using a virtio SCSI controller
  • virtio-net: Solve a bug in the virtio-net driver of FreeBSD versions below 12.3, which caused the device to fail to work
  • Storage: Fixed I/O errors with VirtioSCSI controllers when host I/O caching is enabled
  • VBoxManage: Fixed createmedium disk --variant RawDisk Regression when command results in invalid .vmdk file
  • Main: Restored input pointer device behavior in multi-monitor virtual machine configurations
  • Main: Fixed progress indication during automatic installation of Linux Guest Additions
  • Guest Control: Fixed path handling issues
  • Storage 3D: Fixed virtual machine process crash on 3D enabled macOS
  • Linux hosts and guests: General improvements to startup scripts
  • Linux Guest Additions: Introduced initial support for RHEL 8.7 and 9.2 kernels

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