ChatVRM makes it easy to chat with 3D characters in your browser.By importing a VRM file, the voice can be adjusted to match the character and generate responses that include emotional expression.

The functions of ChatVRM mainly use the following technologies.

  • User Voice Recognition
  • generate response text
  • Generate reading audio
  • Show 3D character



Clone or download this repository to run locally.

git clone

Please install the required packages.

Once the package installation is complete, start the development web server with the following command.

After execution, visit the following URL to check the running status.



ChatVRM uses the ChatGPT API to generate responses.

For the specifications and terms of use of the ChatGPT API, please check the link below and the official website.

Koeiro API

ChatVRM uses Koeiro API to read replies aloud.

For Koeiro API specifications and terms of use, please check the link below and the official website.

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