Mapbox GL JS 2.11.0 is now released. Mapbox GL JS is a JavaScript library for rendering interactive vector tiled and raster tiled maps using WebGL. WebGL rendering means high performance. MapboxGL can render a large number of map elements, has smooth interaction and animation effects, can display three-dimensional maps and supports mobile terminals. It is an excellent WEB GIS (Geographic Information System) development framework.

Updates in this version include:

Features and improvements

  • Added to the Earth projectioncameraForBoundssupport (#12138)
  • Added to the Earth projectionfitBoundsandfitScreenCoordinatessupport (#12211)
  • Improvements to Earth projectionsgetBoundssupport. (#12286)
  • Improve symbol placement performance under Earth projection (#12105)
  • Add new markup style optionsoccludedOpacityallows user to set opacity of markers behind 3D terrain (h/t jacadzaca) (#12258)
  • Cancel when the underlying resource is no longer in useImageSourceImage request (#12266) (h/t maciejmatu)
  • existLngLatBounds.extendAdd object literal support (#12270) (h/t stampyzfanz)
  • Add realtime performance counters (#12343)

Bug fixes

  • Fix height of pole geometry when using exaggerated terrain (#12133)
  • repairGeolocateControlIssue with sometimes not working in iOS16 WebView (#12239)
  • Fixed flickering pixels between darker style tiles in the global view. (#12145)
  • Fix occasional missing tiles at the bottom of the screen during globe-mercator transitions (#12137)
  • Fixed an issue that incorrectly required a three-finger drag to change pitch with a collaborative gesture in fullscreen mode. (#12165)
  • repairmap.getStyle()Terrain error triggered when used with globe view (#12163)
  • Fix invalid AABB calculation as part of globe tile cover (#12207)
  • Fix potential performance regression with image source updates (#12212)
  • Fix memory leak when deleting map (#12224) (h/t joewoodhouse )
  • Fixed updating marker position when switching between world copy projection and no projection (#12242)
  • Fix missing icons in some styles (#12299)
  • Fixed overwriting all feature IDs when using objects to set promoteIds on other layers (#12322) (h/t yongjun21)
  • Fix after removing thetrackPointerCursor returns to original state after popup window (#12230) (h/t camouflagedName)

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