OS Industry Summit2022At12moon28The summit was held online daily, and the summit was sponsored by the Open Atom Open Source Foundation, China Software Industry Association,CCF(China Computer Federation) Open Source Special Committee, Green Computing Industry Alliance, and Zhongguancun Science City Management Committee co-sponsored, with the theme of “Building Roots and Building Soul to Rise in the Digital Intelligence Era”The theme is to gather the power of the entire industry chain, focus on the construction of core capabilities of basic software, and lead the continuous innovation of basic software.

In the past year, Euler has accelerated its development.Up to now, the cumulative installed capacity of Euler has exceeded300million sets, the new market share of China’s server operating system exceeded25%.ORA has built a key technology foundation and innovation mechanism, and achieved large-scale deployment in the core systems of various industries, forming a positive cycle of business, and also opened up from the processor, the whole machine,OSV,ISVsThe complete industrial chain ecology fully stimulates the vitality of the industrial chain, from technological innovation to accelerated user scale deployment, the success of partner business feeds back community contributions, and increases investment in technological innovation, thus forming a positive cycle and self-accelerating ecological development system.

This is the first time that China has built a key technology foundation in the field of basic software relying on the strength of the entire industry chain, and quickly crossed an ecological inflection point of a technical route through open source co-construction. Euler is becoming the first choice for digital transformation in various industries, and is also becoming a solid software base for China’s digital infrastructure.

at the meeting,2022yearopenEulerAwards for leading business practices announced; Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences, together with several institutions and manufacturers, released openEuler of RISC-V Commercial distribution “Olympic”2.0-RV“, “China Software Root Technology White Paper(operating system manual)“release,openEuler & openGaussTalent Development Acceleration Program2022A series of heavy content such as the announcement of the annual awards will be unveiled.

Executive Director of Huawei,ICTWang Tao, director of the Infrastructure Business Management Committee, said that Huawei will continue to focus on root technology investment, enhance the innovation and competitiveness of basic software, support the construction of digital infrastructure and the prosperity of the application software ecosystem; continue to open source software, and share with the entire industry. Build China’s open source system; and empower industrial partners through various methods such as ecological innovation centers, integration of production and education, and integration of production and research to enhance the competitiveness of the industrial chain.

Sun Wenlong, chairman of the Open Atom Open Source Foundation, said in his speech at the conference that Euler has achieved the rapid construction of the industrial ecology and the large-scale deployment of commercial installations. The rapid development of Euler proves that making full use of, participating in, supporting, and giving back to open source An effective path for system technology innovation and industrial prosperity.

2022yearopenEulerAwards for Leading Business Practices Announced

With the large-scale application of Euler in various industries, a large number of excellent application cases and innovative practices have emerged, which have effectively promoted the innovation of the operating system industry and the in-depth digital transformation of the industry.OpenAtom openEulerInitiated by the community and the National Industrial Information Security Development Research Center,A diversified expert committee composed of academicians, experts, and scholars selected the top ten “2022yearopenEulerLeading Business Practice” award.

based on openEuler of RISC-V Commercial distribution “Olympic”2.0-RV“release

openEulerAs an open source operating system that supports diverse computing power, it supportsx86,arm,RISC-V,Loong Arch,SW64,power Six major processor architectures. Academician Ni Guangnan of the Chinese Academy of Engineering said in his keynote speech that Euler has embarked on a basic software development path that not only conforms to international open source rules, but also has “Chinese characteristics”.openEulerThe community has reached the international level.At the same time, Euler is supportingRISC-VIn terms of basic software, it has entered the world’s advanced ranks.Euler communityRISC-V SIGgrouped in2020year4Established in 1 month, currently completed6000+Software source package adaptation,RISC-Vmirror warehouseRPMThe number of packages exceeds23000indivual.

At the conference, the Institute of Software of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Institute of Computing Technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Pingtouge Semiconductor, Xinlai Technology, Saifang Technology, and Pengfeng Technology jointly released a openEuler of RISC-V Commercial distribution “Olympic”2.0-RV“. proudly2.0-RVfocusRISC-VThe instruction set can provide multiple operating environments such as desktops, simulators, and hardware boards.

Euler conducts fusion and interoperability practice in ubiquitous computing scenarios

Academician Mei Hong of the Chinese Academy of Sciences said in his speech at the conference that fusion and interoperability for ubiquitous computing scenarios is an important direction for the development of future operating systems.openEulerIt is an open source operating system for digital infrastructure. It not only supports server, cloud, edge, and embedded scenarios, but is also realizing the interoperability of the above scenarios. Euler’s support for diverse computing and digital full-scenario is the basic concept of integration and interoperability for ubiquitous computing scenarios, and it is also a practice of ubiquitous operating systems.

“China Software Root Technology White Paper (Operating System Booklet)” Released

China Software Industry Association unites enterprises, research institutions, academicians and experts,openEuler,openGaussand other excellent open source communities, condensing the consensus of the operating system industry, combiningopenEuler,OpenHarmonyBased on successful practical experience in the industry, we organized and published the “China Software Root Technology White Paper (Operating System Book)” (hereinafter referred to as the “White Paper”), so as to further gather industry consensus, gather industry strength, and work together to achieve originality in the field of operating systems sexual breakthrough.

Academician Liao Xiangke of the Chinese Academy of Engineering introduced the main points of the white paper in the keynote speech: the software root technology represented by the native independent operating system is the core component of the digital infrastructure and the cornerstone of technological innovation and digital intelligence development; cloud, management, edge The opening up of end-to-end digital full-scenario has become a rigid requirement of the digital infrastructure operating system; the operating system realizes diverse computing power and full-scenario support, which can enable seamless collaboration of all scenes in the digital world; open source and ecological construction will become domestic operating systems in the future The mainstream model of innovation and development.

Euler is based in China and integrates into the world

Academician Wang Huaimin of the Chinese Academy of Sciences introduced in his speech at the conference that China is entering a new stage of open source innovation, from participation and integration to ready leadership. The rising open source industry needs a powerful open source innovation platform, and it is necessary to build a new generation of distributed, intelligent and international open source innovation platform for the future.

openEulerThe vision of the community at the beginning of its establishment was to become a large-scale basic software open source community that originated in China and integrated into the world. At present, Euler has realized distributed and intelligent code management through unified accounts, unified construction tools, and unified testing platforms, attracting over a thousand overseas developers with innovative technologies. Facing the future, we will continue to build the Euler ecosystem and innovation system, and build Euler into the world’s leading digital infrastructure operating system. From the joint construction of industrial root technology, the joint construction of a new industrial ecology, the joint creation of new open source models, and the joint initiation of globalization The four aspects of the process will bring together the strength of the entire industry chain, jointly build a solid foundation for the industry, and lead to the rise of the era of digital intelligence.

At this conference, overseas foundationsLinux,CNCF,OpenInfra,OpenHPCThey all said that the cooperation with Euler has achieved progress and results, and they look forward to in-depth cooperation with Euler to jointly build a global open source ecosystem and serve more enterprise users.

openEuler & openGaussTalent Development Acceleration Program bears fruit

Huawei in2021year12month releasedopenEuler & openGaussTalent Development Acceleration Program, which aims to encourage teachers and students of universities and research institutes to focus onopenEuleropen source operating system,openGaussOpen source databases for teaching reform innovation, community contribution, and research practice.up to2022year12month, more than80schools joined the program, more than130teachers carried out curriculum reform and innovation, covering tens of thousands of students. In recognition of teachers and students who have made outstanding contributions in the past year, Huawei would like to honor teachers from Tsinghua University, University of Science and Technology of China, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, South China University of Technology, Beijing University of Technology, Shenzhen University, Wuhan University of Technology, South Central University for Nationalities, etc. Students presented series of awards.

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