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Programming language is the cornerstone of software, the carrier of algorithms, the skills that the majority of programmers rely on for survival, and the source of happiness for invention and creation. However, there are thousands of programming languages ​​in the world, and more new programming languages ​​emerge every year. Is it really that mysterious to design and develop a programming language? In fact, compilers for most programming languages ​​were developed in system languages ​​such as C and C++ in the early days, which are no different from general software engineering. However, in recent years, with the popularity of Rust, a high-performance and high-security system language, There are also many compilers written directly in the Rust language, so how to use Rust to design and develop your own domain programming language?

News Fast Delivery’s Expert Q&A (November 10th – November 16th) We invited Mr. Xu Pengfei to discuss issues related to programming language design and development with you.

Issues that can be discussed include, but are not limited to:

  • Design and development of programming languages ​​and compilers
  • Cloud native configuration related content
  • Blockchain smart contract related content
  • Rust language related content

In addition, you can also focus on open-source domain programming languages ​​developed in the Rust language [KCL] The source code, design, practice and other related details are asked and discussed.

Xu Pengfei, an engineer at Ant Group, has long focused on Rust language and programming language design and development, including compiler front-end, compiler mid- and back-end, LLVM, WASM, etc. KCL record and functional language, core design and development engineer of Sonar smart contract language.

In order to encourage active questioning, we will select 5 lucky members from the questioners after the question and answer to give a random lucky bag.

The Q&A style of OSChina experts is consistent, and any discussions and trolls that are not related to the topic are not welcome.

Below, you are welcome to ask Mr. Xu Pengfei about issues related to programming language design and development. Please reply directly to the question.

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