FlyCV It is a high-performance computer image processing library, which currently provides C/C++ interface,Support most mainstream operating systems, including android, armlinux, macos (x86 & arm), windows, and ios.

FlyCV polishes algorithm performance to the extreme, and accelerates it through CPU instruction set, algorithm optimization, assembly, etc., which has better performance than other image processing libraries. At the same time, FlyCV provides more fine-grained compilation option control, which makes the library very lightweight and can be compiled on demand. In addition, in the compilation phase, it also provides option support for custom namespaces, which can easily and quickly solve the problem of conflicts between the same dependent libraries.

FlyCV uses the Apache 2.0 protocol, which is free and open to commercial and non-commercial applications.

πŸ“• quick start

A few very simple demo examples can help you quickly grasp the process of integration and use.

For details, please refer to the document:πŸ“– quick use

In the samples directory of the code library, the calling demos of armlinux and android platforms are provided.

πŸ““ API documentation

In order to facilitate the integration and use of everyone, the interface design of FlyCV is very close to that of OpenCV, which can be easily migrated. We also provide relevant migration documents for guidance:Quickly migrate from OpenCV to FlyCV.

The interface of FlyCV can learn more details through the following interface document:πŸ“– API documentation

πŸ“” compile document

FlyCV supports most mainstream operating systems, including android, armlinux, macos (x86 & arm), windows, and ios.

Compilation scripts are provided for different platforms, which can easily compile source code on this machine.Compared with OpenCV, in order to ensureExtreme lightweightwe also provide coarse and fine-grained functional module compilation options, which can truly support on-demand compilation, and can bring significant optimization in applications with very strict volume requirements.

Compilation from source can be done according to the following documentation:πŸ“– compile manual

We also provide precompiled general libraries for different platforms, which can be downloaded and used directly:precompiled library

Note: The local environment may be quite different. If it fails to run, you can try to compile from the source code.

πŸ“Œ upgrade log

Check out the changes for each release:upgrade log

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