Immich is an open source, high-performance, self-hosted backup solution for mobile video and photos.The project is under active development and features, features and APIs are constantly changing.

System Requirements

  • operating system: Preferred unix based operating system (Ubuntu, Debian, MacOS…etc).

  • RAM: 2GB minimum, 4GB preferred.

  • Core: At least 2 cores, 4 cores are preferred.

technology stack

Several services make up Immich:

  1. NestJs – the backend of the application

  2. SvelteKit – The web front end of the application

  3. PostgreSQL – The main database of the application

  4. Redis – Used to share websocket instance between docker instance and background task message queue.

  5. Nginx – Load balancing and optimized file uploads.

  6. TensorFlow – Object Detection (COCO SSD) and Image Classification (ImageNet).

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Immic Homepage, Documentation and Downloads – Self-Hosted Backup Solution for Mobile Video and Photos – News Fast Delivery

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