VirtualBox is a powerful virtual machine software with rich functions and excellent performance, suitable for server, desktop and embedded scenarios. In addition to being suitable for business, it is also suitable for home use. VirtualBox is also currently the only open source professional virtualization solution. The virtual machine’s configuration settings are stored entirely in XML and are independent of the local machine.Therefore, the relevant settings of the virtual machine can be easily ported to other computers

Currently VirtualBox 7.0 is released, and the last major feature release was VirtualBox 6.0 in 2018. The biggest change that VirtualBox 7.0 brings is allowing virtual machines to run fully encrypted – including encryption of configuration logs and saved state. But with VirtualBox 7.0, this VM encryption support only supports the command line interface.

Additionally, this release introduces a DirectX 11-based 3D stack, and Oracle says it is using DXVK (especially DXVK-Native) for non-Windows hosts, meaning the Direct3D stack will eventually run on Vulkan.

Other changes are as follows:

  • OCI: Cloud virtual machines can be added to Virtual Machine Manager and controlled as local VMs
  • OCI: Cloud networks can be configured through the Network Manager tool in the same way as host and NAT networks
  • Several GUI optimizations
  • Audio recording: Use Vorbis as the default audio format for WebM containers.
  • Audio: Added a “default” host driver type to move virtual machines (devices) between platforms without explicitly changing the audio driver.
  • Guest Control: Implemented initial support for “Add Automatic Updates” for Linux guests
  • Guest Control: Implements the ability to wait and/or restart a guest when a guest is added via a VBoxManage update
  • VBoxManage: Added guest control “waitrunlevel” subcommand to wait for a guest to reach a certain runlevel
  • Windows hosts: added experimental support for running autostart VMs in session 0, allowing VMS to run when user is not logged in (disabled by default, see manual)
  • macOS host: Removed all kernel extensions.
  • macOS hosts: A developer preview package is available for systems with Apple silicon CPUs.
  • Linux Guest: Redesigned guest screen resizing, added basic integration with some guest desktop environments
  • Devices: New 3D support based on DirectX 11 (and DXVK on non-Windows hosts)
  • Devices: Added virtual IOMMU device (Intel and AMD variants)
  • Devices: Added virtual TPM 1.2 and 2.0 devices
  • Devices: EHCI and XHCI USB controller devices are now part of the open source base package
  • EFI: Added support for Secure Boot
  • Debugging: Added experimental support for guest debugging via GDB, and highly experimental support for guest debugging via KD/WinDbg

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