HTTP API client tool based on tauri-CyberAPI

When gathering with friends during the National Day holiday, I talked to my friends about the recent troublestauri, wrote an HTTP API client tool. “You’ve written so many things, but have you actually thought about why? 』This is a big proposition. At the beginning of each project, I thought about what it should solve. In the end, each project seemed to have completed its mission, and it seemed that it was still on the journey. Not everyone’s pursuit is poetry and the distance, the stars and the sea, and I am just idle and idle, so I do something, not for anything.

choose to usetauriIt’s not because of its advantages and disadvantages (if you want to know, you can go to the official website to check it out), but because I want to learn rust myself (don’t ask me if I have learned it, I won’t be able to chat if I ask again), I have learned some After the more popular projects in rust, I just want to learn desktop application development, soCyberAPIAlso started to create under this coincidence.

CyberAPI started around mid-June, and it has been around for about 4 months now. Since Rust is not at all, the development process is full of pits and pits. Not to mention bitterness, no one has encountered any hardships these days, but speechless Yes, I think I still can’t rust at all. The following problems are mainly encountered in the process of developing CyberAPI:

  • Based on the built-in webview of the system, there may be compatibility problems (the macos interface icon has residue after switching during development, but windows does not have this problem, and it is solved by switching to png images)
  • If the javascript and rust call interact with large data (10MB), the processing time is about 3 seconds (there is a known issue in tauri, the official will optimize it in the next version)
  • At the beginning, all data was selected to be saved to the browser IndexedDB, and the import and export of more data was slow, so switch to the rust version of sqlite
  • Support Dark/Light theme, some components are not adaptively adjusted
  • Multi-language support does not realize real-time changes, which can be solved by restarting the application after setting

The above problems are actually just minor problems. Although the system tray and automatic upgrade of the current version are not used, tauri can already satisfy desktop application development for me, and developers who are proficient in WEB front-end can implement most of them directly based on the browser. If the project is more dependent on the system interface, it is recommended to have a deeper understanding of rust before entering the pit.

The following introduces the main features of CyberAPI:

  • Support macos, windows and linux platforms, the installation package is below 10MB (rust compilation is forced to simplify)
  • Thousands of interfaces for a single project are opened in seconds, and the memory usage is low (the computer is better, mac air m2)
  • Support Dark/Light theme and Chinese and English language (English translation is poor)
  • Simple and easy to use and configure (for me)
  • Can quickly import the configuration of postman and insomnia (only for new pulls)
  • Keyword filtering supports Chinese pinyin or initials (Chinese must be supported)
  • The configuration can be exported according to the interface, function and project, which is convenient for sharing within the team (I only use it personally)
  • Various custom functions to facilitate the association of data between requests (I use more)


The disadvantage of CyberAPI is: there is no disadvantage (your own project must be supported to death). However, since it is only a personal amateur project, if you have optimization suggestions, you can only support it as much as possible. If it is a BUG, ​​you must support it (you can’t slap your face, and I will not insist that it is not a BUG). If everyone is happy to use it, then the small hand Give a Star a little bit. If you are not happy with it, you will need a Star. If you are in a bad mood in the future, come over and fight, right?

The project is open source on github, the open source agreement is Apache License 2.0, you can use it with confidence, the address is:

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