IntelliJ IDEA 2022.3 released the 2nd EAP version.

Major changes:

  • Optimize IDE startup and project opening speed

The development team said that for the upcoming 2022.3 release, they made a special effort to optimize the IDE’s startup experience. As such, they bring significant performance improvements to speed up application startup and project opening.

By switching to a coroutine-based API, the development team parallelized some of the processes that used to run sequentially. Also managed to reduce class loading and save a lot of time on Intention Actions, checks, IElementType, IStubElementType constants and other extensions that were previously loaded and instantiated without actually being needed.

In addition to that, they’ve eliminated almost all project components from the bundled plugin, improving overall performance at startup, including editor restoration, by around 30%.

  • Provides the ability to view calls by group in the flame graph

This function will take up the vast majority of the time in its parent’s call sequence and standard library method implementations ( )Group them and display them as a collapsed list on the Flame Graph. This makes it easier to process the data and focus on the most likely optimization goals – calls that require a lot of computing resources.

  • Introducing the new Kotlin K2 compiler

The Kotlin team has released version 1.7.20 of Kotlin, updating the alpha version of the new Kotlin K2 compiler. The main goal of this new compiler is to improve performance.

See the release announcement for details.

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