Zephix is ​​a real-time Linux operating system based on Debian stable. It can be run entirely from removable media without touching any files stored on the user’s system disk. The purpose of Zephix is ​​to provide a free, modular operating system that users can take with them wherever they have a laptop or desktop system.

The minimum system requirements to run Zephix are a 1GHz Pentium processor and 1.5GB RAM, but better specs are recommended for a faster and smoother real-time system experience with Zephix.

Zephix v6 has been released, the updates are as follows:

  • Fixed the problem that uEFI could not be started on certain systems and the latest VirtualBox;
  • Updated base for Debian 11.6, added fixes for security issues, and some tweaks for critical issues;
  • Optimized toram boot options mechanism: to fully boot Zephix in memory now requires 1.5GB of RAM (core, firmware and desktop modules) or 512MB of RAM (core module only);
  • Updated the module creation and manipulation scripts to make it easier to create new modules without having to restart the ISO after creating a single module, while also reducing the size of each module accordingly
  • Updated desktop and firmware modules;
  • Optimized the startup sequence code to make the startup process cleaner and smoother;
  • A new feature has been added in Zephix: at startup, it searches for available media’s modules within the zx directory in the root of the media itself, and if found, Zephix mounts them automatically. This feature eliminates the need to modify the ISO to include additional custom modules;
  • A new launch option has been added called maintenance Mode: Zephix will start in single user mode, after entering the root password, the user can make some changes before actually proceeding to boot the system.

More details can be viewed: https://zephix-linux.sourceforge.io/#about

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