v3.1.0 is updated as follows:
1. Solved the problem that the mandatory verification of the select drop-down selection box does not take effect;
2. Optimize the date selection component so that it supports the selection of time periods, and the component calling method:
{date:select param=”entry_date|entry time|datetime|-7,7|~” value=”$info.format_entry_date|default=”””}
3. Restructure the permission structure, the administrator has all the permissions, and the non-administrator users load the menu according to the specific role permissions;
4. Optimize the button control of permission nodes, obtain and verify the list of all permission nodes of the current user at one time;
5. Recollect think_city of the national city library, and the city module adopts asynchronous loading method;
6. The data list of the menu management module uses asynchronous loading to load data;
7. The node control of the menu editing menu adds a shuttle component selection node, and the operation experience is smoother;
8. The frame pop-up window does not close by default when clicking on other areas. The setWin method adds a parameter true or false to control. The default is false and does not close. If you want to click on other pop-up windows to close, you can set the parameter to true. The method of use is: func.setWin( “rank”, 500, 300, true, true);
9. Add login verification middleware, which will be verified in the middleware when the system is running. If you are not logged in, you will automatically jump to the login page, and cancel the verification method in the Backend.php base class file;
10. The system menu has been rearranged and allocated, and an online document view entry has been added, which solves the problem that some users cannot find online documents;

🐯 Software Introduction

A PHP language based on ThinkPhp6.x, Layui, MySQL and other frameworks. A modular, plug-in, high-performance agile development framework for front-end and back-end separation architectures. It can be used to quickly build front-end and back-end separation background management systems. With the original intention of developing and improving development efficiency, the framework self-developed a set of personalized components to realize pluggable component-based development methods: single-image upload, multi-image upload, pull-down selection, switch button, radio button, multiple selection A series of personalized and lightweight components such as buttons and image cropping are an agile development framework that truly realizes component-based development. The framework has integrated a complete RBAC permission structure and regular basic modules, and supports multiple topics at the same time. Switch, you can choose a theme according to your favorite style, and realize the demand for personalized presentation;

In order to develop agilely and quickly and improve R&D efficiency, the framework has a built-in one-click CRUD code generator, and customized module generation templates, which can quickly generate all the codes of the entire module with one click according to the established table structure (field annotations need to be standardized) And adding, deleting, modifying and querying and other functional services, it truly realizes low-code development, greatly saves labor costs, improves development efficiency, and shortens the R&D cycle. It is a component-based, low-code agile development framework in the true sense. .

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