Envio is a command-line tool that simplifies the management of environment variables across multiple configuration files. It allows users to easily switch between different configurations and apply them to their current environment.

enviois an open source CLI tool that helps manage environment variables easily.useenviousers can create encrypted configuration files that contain collections of environment variables associated with a specific project or use case.envioEnsure security and simplify the development process by allowing users to easily switch between configuration files as needed and load them into the current terminal session for immediate use.

Some key features include:

  • Encrypted configuration files, only usingkeyto decrypt
  • Load the profile into your terminal session
  • Persistent environment variables that can be used in future sessions
  • Run the program with your config file
  • import config file from file
  • Download the config file, then import it
  • Export the config file to a file

existenvioIn , a configuration file is a collection of environment variables associated with a specific project, application, or use case. Users can create multiple profiles, each with their own set of environment variables, and easily switch between them as needed.

For example, a developer might create a configuration file for a web development project that includes environment variables for database connections, API keys, and other project-specific settings. They can then switch to different configuration files for mobile app projects that require a different set of environment variables.

The benefit of using configuration files is that users can easily manage and switch between different sets of environment variables without having to manually set and unset them every time they switch tasks.In addition, inenvioConfiguration files are encrypted, so users can rest assured that their sensitive environment variables are safe and require a key to access them.

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