AOSP (Android Open Source Project) recently mergedThe first RISC-V architecture porting related code patch, which means that the RISC-V architecture has begun to enter the Android upstream ecological support, which will promote the widespread use of RISC-V in mobile terminals, tablets and other fields.

AOSP began to merge RISC-V related patches:

According to the introduction of CNRV,sent in a letter to RISC-V In an email from the International Foundation,Google Android The team said that the current AOSP Open to the public RISC-V Architecture support related patches, and bugs in/Start building in the task tracker RISC-V relevant submission channels. at the same time,Google Android The team will follow LLVMCommunity,Rust and other relevant communities to work closely together to complete as soon as possible RISC-V Architecture support.

CNRV also introduced RISC-V community transplant The process behind AOSP, which is said to have started in 2020,After the out-of-tree porting and maintenance of Android 10 and Android 12, many member units have invested a lot of resources and energy.

The following is excerpted from CNRV:

The PLCT Laboratory of the Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences is the first team to publicly carry out the AOSP porting work. Since August 2020, a public warehouse has been established and RISC-V porting has begun. The preliminary porting work has been completed in November 2020, and the AOSP kernel can be started in the emulator and entered into an interactive shell.

Alibaba Pingtou is the first team to complete the overall transplantation of AOSP, and announced the open source on January 21, 2021. At the “First RISC-V China Summit” held in June 2021, Pingtou showed a RISC-V tablet running AOSP 10, which attracted the attention of many participants.

After Brother Pingtou opened a more complete AOSP RISC-V transplant, the AOSP transplant project began to be managed and coordinated by the RISC-V International Foundation. The Institute of Software of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Nanjing Institute of Software Technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the individual contributors of the RVI community have also gradually aggregated their transplants into the transplant project under the trust of the RISC-V International Foundation. The RISC-V International Foundation began to actively and long-term communicate with the Google Android team to discuss the timing and necessary technical prerequisites for the AOSP project to officially support RISC-V.

AOSP is a very large open source project that integrates thousands of different open source projects. The open source work of multiple domestic teams has also contributed to the AOSP for RISC-V project. For example, the V8 team of the Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences maintains the RISC-V backend of the V8 project, and completed the RV32G porting work in 2022, enabling the JavaScript language ecosystem to flourish on RISC-V.

More and more enthusiasts are joining the RISC-V ecosystem. A developer from South Korea successfully ported the AOSP for RISC-V project to the VisionFive v1 development board of Saifang Technology and started the graphical interface. The project was tested and verified by Nanjing Institute of Software Technology. There are many similar interesting attempts. RISC-V is attracting more and more open source enthusiasts to join.

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