KeePassXC is developed from a branch of the KeePass password manager. Compared with the original KeePass, KeePassXC not only adapts to Windows, but also adapts to Linux and macOS.

Recently KeePassXC posted on official social mediapostlet users beware of the fake KeePassXC application appearing in the Microsoft Store, and said that this application has nothing to do with the official, KeePassXC is also working hard to make the official application available on the App Store, but currently users need to download it from the official website.

Since Microsoft gradually opened the Microsoft Store and no longer restricted developers to uploading only UWP applications, the number and types of applications in the Microsoft Store have gradually enriched. Familiar open source software such as Visual Studio Code, VLC, GIMP, and Audacity are also coming to the App Store.

Although the Microsoft Store software library is gradually enriched, users will find that many software in the store are not uploaded by the original authors themselves, but copied by third-party developers. What’s even more abhorrent is that some of the original author’s software itself is open source or free, and the copycat products are instead provided as paid applications. For example, the copycat KeePassXC pictured above has an in-app purchase option for $0.99, while the original version is completely free.

In fact, in November last year, the maintainer of KeePassXC said on GitHub that they would put the application on the Microsoft Store when version 2.7.0 was released, but after the official release of version 2.7.0 in March this year, the official did not release it as planned. App on the store.

The maintainers of KeePassXC simply said: “Getting the app on the store is a bit more of a hassle than expected, and they’re still working on it”. The maintainers did not disclose what troubles they encountered.

Now the original version is not on the store, but the copycat product is the first to go online. I don’t know what happened, and this is not the first time Microsoft has put copycat software on the store. The developers of Audacity have criticized Microsoft for this. At present, KeePassXC has issued a formal copyright removal request to Microsoft, requesting that this copycat product be removed from the shelves.

Official genuine download address:

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