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bignumber.js is a JavaScript library for arbitrary-precision decimal and non-decimal arithmetic.


  • Integers and decimals
  • Simple API, but full-featured
  • compared toJava’s BigDecimal version of JavaScriptFaster, smaller and easier to use
  • Only 8 KB compressed
  • Copy JavaScriptNumber method of type
  • Supports cryptographically secure pseudo-random number generation
  • No external dependencies
  • Broad Platform Compatibility: Use only JavaScript 1.5 (ECMAScript 3) APIs
  • comprehensiveDocumentationand test set

If you need a smaller, simpler library,see big.js. It’s less than half the size, but only works with decimal numbers and has half the api. It also has fewer configuration options than this library.

see also decimal.jswhich adds support for non-integer powers and performs all operations based on a specified number of significant digits

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