This is a pivotal moment for anyone using WordPress.

WordPress 6.2 is coming out in one week, and it draws the line in the sand with all the page building tools on the market.

And that is because WordPress now offers a complete theme builder along with page builder

And it’s all very simple to use, especially if you have used WordPress at any point in the last 4 years.

But there is one catch, which I will cover in this video along with all the new things coming to help you build amazing website experiences faster than ever

So let’s dig in.

Table Of Contents
00:00 – Pivotal Moment
01:00 – One Gotcha
02:11 – Use a Block Theme
02:48 – Classic Theme Vs Block Theme
03:06 – Site Editor
04:18 – Theme Styles
04:53 – Style Book
06:24 – Header Switcher
07:04 – Footer Switcher
07:26 – New Navigation Block
08:59 – Add Anything To Navigation
09:48 – Push Default Styles
10:35 – Easily Add Custom CSS
10:58 – Add CSS To Blocks
11:26 – Fluid Topography
12:28 – Sticky And Transparent Header
13:02 – Font Loader
14:00 – Hide Page Title
14:36 – Hide Header Footer
15:24 – Copy / Paste Styles
16:09 – New Panel Icon
16:26 – Tabbed Settings
16:47 – Outline Moved
17:17 – New Media Inserter
18:34 – Pattern Inserter
19:44 – Will You Use a Block Theme?

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45 thoughts on “The Future Of WordPress Is Here In WordPress 6.2 – End Of Page Builders?”

  1. First time watching a video about creating a WordPress website. Great info, but now what? How and where do we go to start the process? That would have been a handy piece of information. I see all the links in the description – not sure which one to click on. ?

  2. Very disingenuous. Your title says "end of page builders?" Funny you don't even examine the code output in the DOM? You don't even discuss if ANY of the Gutenberg output code is even remotely semantically correct?
    All you did was showcase a bunch of WP's shiny new objects! How do you not discuss maintainability? Scalability? Coding best practices?

  3. Thanks for the informative video. I love using Adobe Dreamweaver, and will stick with it, but it is no longer being developed. All of these template driven sites have rendered it obsolete, I guess. With that said, I understand why they are popular. Very inexpensive, and offers the end user complete control over their site, which more and more people want. Adobe spent $20 billion to acquire Figma. It will be interesting to see where this goes.

  4. Amazing!!
    I'm a Joomla user from years.
    We contact a developer Company to analyse our site and they purpose to change to a WordPress.
    Thank you is a good reference information.

  5. Hi, Thanks for this video. BTY – Why don`t you use the wordpress Twenty Twenty-Three theme and use the spectra instead?

  6. I'm sick of Joomla CMS. I've used it for 18 years. With block based support, there's no need to stay with Joomla. I'm shifting to WordPress with blockbased themes!

  7. Hi . Thank you for your work, tutorials. I Have A Question. Do you know a CMS that works without a database? Such a flat CMS. Easy and fast to use. To create fast, lightweight static pages, business cards, landing pages and mini blogs.
    Something as intuitive as a text editor. Good day.

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  9. This is great. WP's block theme is the same as Elementor's container I think. Sure I will try this. Elementor is great but sometimes too many features to learn and use.

  10. So with WordPress 6.2, you can eliminate many plugins like Elementor Header & Footer Builder, Premium Addons for Elementor, Starter Templates etc?

  11. How can I save my user's mobile number first in wordpress website and they can view my content on my website with their selected mobile number and otp.

  12. Nice Titling: End Of Page Builders? hehe WP will never replace anything unless they will change everything from the source, It still looks terrible, and the workflow is just getting worst.
    a nice worthless video that gave you 137k views because of the Title.

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