Libva is the reference implementation of VA-API, an open-source library and API specification that provides graphics hardware acceleration for video processing, provided by each supported hardware vendor’s main repository and specific to The driver’s acceleration backend composition.

Currently Libva 2.16.0 is released, this version brings the following changes:

  • Added: Added HierarchicalFlag and hierarchy_level_plus1 for AV1e.
  • autotools: use wayland-scanner private code
  • autotools: use wayland-scanner.pc to locate prog
  • meson: use Wayland-scanner private code
  • meson: request native Wayland-scanner
  • meson: use wayland-scanner.pc to locate prog
  • meson: set HAVE_VA_X11 when applicable
  • style: Corrected coding style in new commits
  • trace: add Linux ftrace mode to va trace
  • trace: add missing pthread_mutex_destroy
  • drm: remove unwanted X==X mappings
  • drm: fallback to drm driver name == va driver name
  • drm: simplified mapping table
  • x11: Simplified mapping table
  • android: open() with O_CLOEXEC for device fd
  • android: remove complex open_device() helper
  • android: remove va_fool reference
  • ci: strengthen ci with -Werror
  • ci: va/x11/nvctl: fix Wdeprecated-non-prototype on close_display
  • ci: add clang-15 override and rearrange runners
  • ci: upgrade FreeBSD to 13.1

Update announcement:

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