Weston is the reference implementation of the Wayland synthesizer, as well as an out-of-the-box multipurpose desktop environment. Weston Provides a very basic full-featured desktop environment for non-desktop uses such as automotive, embedded, mechanical, industrial, set-top boxes, and TVs.

Weston Also provides a reusable libweston Libraries that allow other projects to build their own fully functional environments based on the Weston core.

Weston’s core focus is correctness and reliability, the goal is lean and fast, but more importantly, predictability. Weston has some known bugs and shortcomings, but also tries to avoid unknown or variable behavior as much as possible, including variable performance such as occasional spikes in frame display time.

If you want to pursue a more mainstream desktop experience, it is still more recommended GNOME and KDE projects, they also provide a full-featured desktop environment built on the Wayland protocol with a better user experience.

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