James Gosling, a Canadian computer scientist, completed the original design of Java and implemented the compiler and virtual machine of the original version of Java. He is also recognized as the “father of Java”.

Gosling, now an engineer at AWS, gave the keynote at the reClojure 2022 virtual conference in early December. Sharing his decades of experience working in the technology industry that eventually led him to cloud servers, he covered a wide range of topics, from how programming languages ​​evolve to how projects fail.

Gosling talked about the importance of Java to AWS.According to him, many of AWS’s core functions are implemented in Java, and it has a fairly large team of Java engineers-everything is for performance, which is responsible forOptimizing GC performanceof engineers make up their largest team.

While admiring Clojure’s strong emphasis on functional programming, Gosling shares a quirk of his own. Gosling revealed that his own preference for functional programming has led some to hate his coding style, such as his preference for using recursion over arrays. He introduced: “In the project I delivered recently, when I finished my part of the work, my teammates bluntly said that my coding style was like a lunatic.”

Gosling also shared some thoughts on the state of Java: “Brian Getz and Oracle, they’re at the heart of what’s going on with Java. Overall, I’m pretty happy with what they’re doing.”

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