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PocketBase is an open source Go backend that includes:

  • haveLive subscriptionthe embedded database ( SQLite)
  • built-inFile and User Management
  • convenientAdmin Dashboard UI
  • and simpleREST-ish API

PocketBase canDirect download as a standalone appcan also be used as a Go framework/toolkit, allowing users to build their own custom application specific business logic and still have a portable executable at the end.

# go 1.18+
go get github.com/pocketbase/pocketbase


package main

import (


func main() {
    app := pocketbase.New()

    app.OnBeforeServe().Add(func(e *core.ServeEvent) error {
        // add new "GET /api/hello" route to the app router (echo)
            Method: http.MethodGet,
            Path:   "/api/hello",
            Handler: func(c echo.Context) error {
                return c.String(200, "Hello world!")
            Middlewares: []echo.MiddlewareFunc{

        return nil

    if err := app.Start(); err != nil {

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