MusicPlayer2 is an audio player software that integrates music playback, lyrics display, format conversion and many other functions. Support lyrics display, lyrics karaoke style display, lyrics online download, lyrics editing, song tag recognition, album cover display, album cover online download, frequency spectrum analysis, sound effect setting, task bar thumbnail button, theme color, format conversion and other functions. The playback core is the BASS audio library (V2.4). The player supports almost all common audio formats.

The player interface supports multiple interface switching, and supports dark and light modes.

Main window (interface 2 light mode)▼

Main window (interface 2 light mode display playlist) ▼

main features

  • lyrics display
  • mini mode
  • Lyrics karaoke style display
  • The taskbar search box displays lyrics
  • Desktop lyrics display
  • Lyrics download online
  • Lyrics Editing
  • Song tag recognition and editing
  • spectrum analysis
  • The album cover
  • Automatically match downloaded lyrics and album art
  • Sound settings (equalizer and reverb)
  • taskbar thumbnail button
  • theme color
  • Support cue track
  • background gaussian blur
  • format conversion
  • media library function

Click hereCheck out the documentation.

pleaseclick hereDownload the latest version of MusicPlayer2.

Domestic backup download link:Baidu network disk download

MusicPlayer2 depends on the Microsoft Visual C++ runtime environment. If the program prompts “Cannot find MSVC*.dll” when the program starts, please click the link below to download and install the Microsoft Visual C++ runtime environment.

Latest supported Visual C++ redistributable downloads | Microsoft Docs

if use Scoop As a package management user, the installation package of MusicPlayer2 has been added to the official Scoop Extras The repository is maintained and can be installed with the following Powershell command:

scoop install extras/musicplayer2

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