Qt 6.4 has released the RC version and will release the stable version around September 29th.

New modules for Qt 6.4 include Qt HTTP Server and Qt Quick 3D Physics, but neither is stable.

The Qt HTTP Server module makes it easy to embed HTTP servers into applications with optional TLS support. However, the documentation mentions that it is more of a local/LAN-based web service for embedded applications and does not have the robustness and security of an Internet-facing web server.

Qt Quick 3D Physics provides a high-level physics simulation API that supports simulating interactive rigid bodies, as well as static meshes and non-colliders for detecting overlapping. Each simulated object can have its own physical properties such as mass, density and friction.

Qt 6.4 also adds many APIs to Qt Core, many enhancements to Qt Quick, QSSlServer has been added to the Qt Network as a server that communicates only over TLS, Qt Quick 3D provides previews of lightmap baking support, improved Qt shadows Rendering Qt WebEngine’s fast 3D and HTML5 filesystem access API.

See the documentation for more details on the changes in Qt 6.4.

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