Opera Software announced on its official blog that it has partnered with OpenAI to introduce two new artificial intelligence features “ChatGPT and ChatSonic” in the new version of the Opera browser. The new features are powered by OpenAI, similar to Microsoft’s Bing Chat tool and Edge web browser AI component in .

After updating to the latest version of the Opera browser on the PC side, the browser will automatically open the introduction page of the new AI function.Users can activate the settings button on the page, toggle in the sidebar that opens AI Tips (Early Access)Function.

After completing the setup, Opera will display three related options. Users can customize where the AI ​​function is placed in the browser. There are three main places where AI services can be used: the address bar, the browser sidebar, and the text highlighting pop-up window .

Opera’s new AI featurestwo accounts required: ChatGPT and ChatSonic, and some services may require paid upgrades.

  • ChatGPT functions exactly like its official web service. After logging in to ChatGPT, Opera sidebar will display a chat interface, and users can interact with ChatGPT directly from Opera’s sidebar.
  • The ChatSonic feature provides AI prompts for the Opera browser.When the user selects the text on the page, Opera will display some suggestions powered by AI components, such as converting to Japanese, creating a new tweet, etc.

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