Vanilla OS is a recently released Linux distribution, built on Ubuntu, free and open source, and the default desktop environment is GNOME. Although the base layer of Vanilla OS is Ubuntu, it is not simply a “remix” based on Ubuntu, and it does not look like Ubuntu.

Vanilla OS technology stack composition: Ubuntu — GNOME — Distrobox — ABRoot — Apx

Judging from the official introduction, Vanilla OS has great ambitions and is exploring changesHow operating systems are built, maintained, and used.


Vanilla OS is an Ubuntu-based distribution, and the desktop environment adopts GNOME. The goal is to provide users with a flexible and free GNOME experience in choosing software packages.

Vanilla OS is an immutable operating system where core parts of the system are locked down to prevent unwanted changes and corruption by third-party applications, or causing erroneous updates.

First Version of Vanilla OS is Available to Download


  • Use the GNOME desktop environment by default
  • The apx package manager is used by default and supports Flatpak, Snap, Appimage
  • “Atomic” system updates
  • Integrated Driver Manager
  • Transactional Shell Access
  • Abundant applications, suitable for office, whether it is a developer, student or designer
  • Game ecology

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