Circle Linux is the successor of the original CentOS open source community jointly maintained by domestic open source software enthusiasts, and is 100% compatible with the upstream RHEL version.

Circle Linux is an open source, co-creation Linux community that builds a free and diverse system software ecosystem with global developers through a completely open and inclusive community, and finally develops a stable, smooth and secure alternative to the production environment , for full compatibility with enterprise Linux.

At the same time, Circle Linux is also a platform for free innovation, encouraging any person or organization to come up with new insights, develop new strategies, and implement new solutions.

  • Publisher or Author: Circle Linux Community
  • Upstream system: RHEL8/9 keep up with the upgrade
  • Hardware Architecture: X86_64/AArch64/PPC64le/S390x
  • Kernel Features: Macro Kernel

What is the goal of Circle Linux?

A set of stable, smooth and secure alternatives to production environments developed by the community.

Who drives Circle Linux?

All by choice, Circle Linux is a community-driven project and always will be. Circle Linux will not be acquired or manipulated by other companies in the future.

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