The cross-platform edge acquisition gateway developed based on the ThingsBlazor rights management framework supports plug-in development at the north and south ends, dynamically updates plug-ins, and has relatively complete Rpc rights management at the north end.

Feature Highlights

  • Blazor Server architecture, easier development and deployment
  • Collection/upload configuration fully supports Excel import and export
  • Plug-in driver, easy to drive secondary development, and supports dynamic update
  • Support time series database storage
  • Real-time/historical alarm (Sql dump), support Boolean/high and low limits

Community Edition Capture Plugin

Support subpackage parsing/subscription

  • Modbus(Rtu/Tcp/Udp)
  • OPCDAClient (supports importing nodes)
  • OPCUAClient (supports importing nodes)

Community Edition Upload Plugin

Support Rpc write

  • Modbus Server
  • Mqtt Server
  • Mqtt Client

Rpc is not supported


  • Modbus library, support ModbusTcp, ModbusRtu, ModbusRtuOverTcp, ModbusUdp, ModbusServer, etc.
 dotnet add package ThingsGateway.Foundation.Adapter.Modbus
  • OPCDA client library, supports X64, supports NetCore, supports detection of reconnection
 dotnet add package ThingsGateway.Foundation.Adapter.OPCDA
 dotnet add package ThingsGateway.Foundation.Adapter.OPCUA



Check out the Gitee Pages documentation site before using

Supplementary Note

  • Please follow the authorization rules of the OPC Foundation when using OPC-related plug-ins
  • When using the OPCDA plug-in, you need to install the OPC core library, the file address

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