KeePass is a free and open source password manager that helps you manage your passwords in a secure way. You can put all your passwords in a database, locked with a master password or a keyfile. Therefore, you only need to remember a master password or choose a key file to unlock the entire database. The database is encrypted using a very secure encryption algorithm (AES/Rijndael, Twofish).

KeePass 2.52 is officially released, which is a stable version. The main update content of KeePass 2.52 is the enhancement of user interface and integration, as well as various other small new functions and improvements. The specific updates of this version are as follows:

new function

  • Added the Copy Initial Password command to the Tools menu of the Entry dialog; it copies (to the clipboard) the password when the dialog was opened
  • When multiple entries are selected (with at least one attachment), the number of attachments is now displayed in the “Attachments” submenu of the entry menu
  • Added “Alt. item background color” option (supports states “off”, “on default color” and “on custom color”); it combines the previous two options “Use alternating item background colors” and “Custom” alt. item color”
  • {C:...}Balanced braces can now be included
  • In the automatic type entry selection dialog, the value in the “Sequence – Comments” column can now be dereferenced
  • The time the entry password was last changed is now displayed in the entry dialog on the History tab
  • {FIREFOX} Placeholder and URL(s) menus (‘Open with …’ command) now support detection of Microsoft Store versions of Firefox
  • Added support for importing 1Password 8.7 1PUX files
  • Added support for importing Key Folder 1.22 XML files
  • Sticky Password XML Import: Added support for importing groups and expiration dates.
  • Steganos Password Manager CSV import: Added support for new encoding of double quotes
  • Bitwarden JSON import: Time-based one-time password generator settings are now automatically converted
  • KeePass now checks the “KeePass.exe.config” file and displays a warning message if it finds a problem
  • For development builds: added command to display GC information
  • Plugins can now subscribe to master key change events


  • Moved the “Save Attached File(s) To” command to the “Attachments” submenu of the Entry menu and renamed it “Save File(s) To”
  • The command to save attachment files is now only available if there is at least one attachment in the selected entry
  • Improved database modification status and UI update after import/sync
  • Improved dropdown menu width adjustment for some comboboxes in the options dialog
  • Improved hashing performance for protected binaries, UUIDs
  • Improved performance related to empty arrays
  • Improved version detection for Mono framework
  • TrlUtil: Improved preview dialog update performance
  • Various UI text improvements
  • Various code optimizations
  • Other small improvements

bug fix

  • Fixed a bug that caused a minimized main window to revert to a normal window instead of a maximized window in some cases.
  • The Help menu item in the input dialog and the Help button in the input string field dialog now open the correct help section.

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