The Google Android Developers Blog has announced the minimum hardware requirements for Android 13 Lite (Go Edition). Android Go is a mobile operating system for entry-level smartphones with low RAM and is often used to create more affordable entry-level devices optimized for low memory and slow processors.

Android Go was first released in 2017, and it is mainly up to OEM manufacturers to decide whether to adopt or not. In 2017, the minimum hardware requirement was 512MB of memory, which has been increased to 1GB in the past two years, and this year, it was officially increased to 2GB of RAM.

In addition, Esper’s Mishaal Rahman and Google product expert Jason Bayton also claim that Android 13 Lite’sMinimum storage space requirementsThis has been raised to 16GB, although Google doesn’t seem to mention this publicly in any documentation. The increase in system requirements means that any phone that doesn’t meet the minimum hardware requirements won’t be able to update to Android 13. New phones running Android 13 will need to meet the minimum requirements to be licensed by the Play Store – meaning if GMS services need to be pre-installed then the minimum hardware requirements will be met.

Of course, launching with an older version of Android will remain an option for some time. And technically, anyone can get the Android source code and build anything with it.

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