HQChart is the first project in China based on traditional PC stock client software (C++) ported to js/py platform, including K-line chart graphics library and Mai Grammar (Analyst Grammar) indicator executor.

Platform support: js, vue, uniapp, applet


  1. Since HQChart is a financial plug-in, please don’t use the plug-in in illegal places.Please follow HQChart users use the protocol civilization to use the plugin.
  2. HQChart Commercial Use Instructions and User Agreement
  3. The built-in data source of HQChart is only for development and testing, please do not use it for any commercial purposes. At present, the built-in data source has canceled the cross-domain function. For local debugging, please refer to the tutorial to solve Chrome local debugging cross-domain, if it is VUE, please use Site debugging

Add new features

  1. Increase the maximum and minimum of a single indicator window
  2. Range selection supports dragging and moving
  3. Interval selection supports sub-areas
  4. Multi-day time-sharing chart supports page turning
  5. Add full color K line
  6. IncreaseFixed Range Volume Distribution Chart
  7. IncreaseVisible range volume distribution chart
  8. Tongdaxin indicator engine supports single-step debugging mode
  9. New version of indicator window toolbar, direct canvas drawing
  10. Overlay stocks to increase the gain scale
  11. Y-axis custom scale supports setting dotted line points and line segment thickness settings

New function renderings

1. Visible range volume distribution chart

2. Fixed range volume distribution

3. Full color K line

4. Maximize and minimize a single indicator window

5. Range selection supports dragging and moving


  • 11373 Landscape support indicator window title mode
  • 11370 Tick indicator toolbar adds maximum and minimum buttons
  • 11357 Interval selection sub-area supports drag and drop
  • 11355 Added time-sharing chart page turning event
  • 11344 K-line daily line increases the manual setting range selection range
  • 11300 applet add color K line

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