Go 1.19.1 has been released, this release containsnet/http and net/url Security fixes for the package, as well as changes to the compiler,goOrder,pprofcommand, linker, runtime and crypto/tls / crypto/x509Bug fixes for packages.

The following are some of the bugs fixed in this version:

  • cmd/go: use unix Occurs when build constraints import dependencies cannot find package #54736
  • cmd/compile: “Value live at entry” compilation failure problem.#54736
  • cmd/compile: Internal compiler error when compiling code with unbound method of generic type #54243
  • cmd/go: issue with git fetch errors being dropped when generating pseudo-versions for commits. #54734
  • cmd/go: data races in TestScript #54637
  • runtime: Running ppc64/linux binaries with Linux kernel 5.18 appearssegfault #54665
  • net/http: processing server error after sending GOAWAY #54376
  • misc/cgo: TestSignalForwardingExternal sometimes fails with bad signal SIGINT and fail #54239

For more information, check out the milestone of Go1.19.1.

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