Darklang is a programming language (with built-in infrastructure) for “deployless” deployment. Strictly speaking, it is a mixture of language, editor and infrastructure, mainly used to build back-end web services.

The original intention of Darklang is to break the explosion of tool sets and make it easier to deploy code to the production environment: programmers only need to write code, and the code will be put into production directly.

To put it simply, Darklang can replace the previous process of processing code locally, and then manage the version through tools such as git, and then go to the long process of cloud deployment, container scheduling, and load balancing. Instead, write code directly in the ide. Darklang’s The infrastructure will help you compile and deploy, version management, AB test, and configure the cloud environment, such as load balancing, disaster recovery, expansion and contraction, service discovery, etc. minute.

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Updated March 2023

In March 2023, the founder of Darklang (who is also the founder of CircleCI) announced the refactoring of Darklang to darkGPT.

DarkGPT has the same core as Darklang, but has been redesigned with AI as the primary way to write code (or possibly only AI).

The basic goal of DarkGPT is to find an AI-based code generation method, at least better than the existing AI code writing method (such as Microsoft using Copilot to write Python or Typescript in VSCode).

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