IPython is a comprehensive environment that helps advanced computer users such as programmers or developers test or explore various functions. Although Python comes with a powerful interactive interpreter that allows users to run tests without creating additional files on the target computer, it has some limitations in how users can interact with the software.

The three core parts of IPython include a highly interactive Python shell, a decoupled two-process communication model and an architecture for interactive parallel computing.

IPython 8.5 is the fifth minor version after 8.0, and the updates are as follows:

  • Added shortcut to accept auto-suggestions
  • When generating latex, no popup is displayed under Windows
  • Fixed a bug when trying to tab-complete an input string with consecutive periods or forward slashes (eg “file:///var/log/…”)
  • Relative filenames in Latex rendering: latex_to_png_dvipng The command internally generates input and output file parameters to latex and dvipis. These arguments are now generated as files relative to the current working directory instead of absolute file paths.This solves an issue where the current working directory contains characters that cannot be latex and dvips handle it correctly.
  • Fixed a bug where ipython code blocks in restructured text files executed with the ipython-sphinx extension would skip any lines of code that contained python decorators
  • Allow reloading of some modules with frozen data classes
  • show maxlen in repr of deque

For more details, please check: https://github.com/ipython/ipython/releases/tag/8.5.0

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