TIOBE announced the September 2022Programming Language Leaderboard.

The Julia programming language is only 0.05% away from the top 20 position on the list, and it is a language designed for numerical analysis and computational science. There are many competing languages ​​in the field, so what makes Julia stand out?

According to TIOBE, “Julia beats Matlab because it’s more modern and free to use; beats Python and R because it’s faster. Due to the huge demand in the field of number crunching and modeling, Julia has a good chance of breaking into the top 20 in the near future. It is worth noting that the Rust language has also been hovering on the borderline of the Top 20 recently, but so far has not managed to squeeze in. Time will tell if Julia suffers the same fate.

TIOBE September TOP 20 programming languages

The top ten list has not changed from the previous month.TOP Between 11-20 ranking, Objective-C continued to rise to 11th,Swift fell in a row,Go’s ranking continues to fluctuate repeatedly. In general, the rankings that have risen compared to the previous month are: Objective-C (14→11),Go(15→12), Matlab (17→14), Fortran (19→15), Perl (20→19).

Those who dropped the rankings were:Swift(11→16), Classic Visual Basic (12→17), R (16→18), Ruby (18→20). Delphi/Object Pascal keeps bit 13 unchanged.

TOP 10 programming languages ​​TIOBE index trend (2002-2022)

21-50 programming languages ​​ranking

Numbers 51-100 are as follows, listed only in text (in alphabetical order) due to the small numerical differences between them:

ABC, Algol, Alice, AspectJ, B4X, Bourne shell, C shell, CFML, CHILL, CL (OS/400), Clipper, CLIPS, Crystal, EXEC, Icon, IDL, J#, Ladder Logic, Lasso, Logo, ML, MOO, MQL5, NATURAL, Nim, NXT-G, OCaml, Occam, OpenCL, PL/I, Q, Racket, Raku, REXX, Ring, RPG, Scheme, Simulink, Slate, Solidity, SPARK, SPSS, Stata, Tcl, Vala/Genie, VBScript, Verilog, VHDL, X++, Xojo

The TIOBE Programming Community index, a measure of programming language popularity, is updated monthly. Judging is based on engineers, courses and third-party vendors worldwide, including popular search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Wikipedia, Amazon, YouTube, and Baidu, which are used for index calculations. It is worth noting that the TIOBE index does not represent how good a programming language is or how much code is written.

The index can be used to check whether your programming skills are still up to date, or to make decisions about which programming language to use when starting to build a new software system.

TIOBE IndexThe definition method and detailed list information can be viewed on the official website.

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