The KingDesign design system is an open source design system for enterprise-level products based on Jinshan Cloud’s years of experience in enterprise-level product design and development, based on the Jinshan Cloud design language. The system consists of components, development, design resources, tools, Composed of solutions and design guidelines, users can use the KingDesign design system to quickly build consistent digital products.

our guiding principles

In order to be more suitable for the development and use of enterprise-level products, through the practice of a large number of middle and back-end scenarios, the King Design design system has extracted the following design principles:

Efficient, optimize the design and front-end workflow as a whole, and achieve global standardized product construction. And the components are more suitable for enterprise operation products, bringing users a more convenient experience.

unifyin product design, use the same solution for the same problem, making the product family more consistent.

flexiblein order to allow the design system to expand effectively, the King Design design system has achieved a balance between consistency and flexibility, and can support various businesses and products of the enterprise.

Components of the design system

The KingDesign design system is a design solution for enterprise-level products. It was created to improve the efficiency of enterprises. It provides design ideas, design guidelines, and design resources to help enterprises build products quickly.


Design System Maintenance

The KingDesign design system is not static and needs to be continuously optimized and updated in the practice of the project. If you have any questions or suggestions during use, please feel free to give feedback to the KingDesign Cloud UED team.

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