The WebKit project froze the Subversion tree on June 23rd and moved management and interaction of the project’s source code to Git-based GitHub.

Git has many advantages, such as its inherently distributed nature, local change logging, author and committer models, and more. In addition to these advantages, Git is also commonly used in software engineering, the team said. Many WebKit developers have previously preferred to work on WebKit’s git-svn mirror. So the WebKit team’s complete migration of the project to Git works well with the existing tools and workflows. Of course, they can also choose more tools and services that integrate well with Git.

There are already many Git-based code hosting platforms. Why did WebKit choose GitHub?

According to reports, this is because GitHub has a very large developer community – especially Web developers. They were able to work more closely with the WebKit project to improve the browser engine. The team also mentioned that GitHub’s API allows them to build advanced pre-commit and post-commit automation with relatively minor modifications to existing infrastructure, and provides a modern and secure platform to review and provide feedback on new code changes feedback of.

WebKit is an open source web browser engine.It is used in Apple’s Safari browser, and its fork Blink isDepend on Google open source leading developmentBrowser rendering engine. Blink is part of the browser kernel Chromium.

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