ux-js is a specialized JavaScript library for the development of front-end web applets. It integrates the front-end UI library of LinUIjs. It is mainly designed for the use of Uxin applets, and can also be used for front-end web. ux-js can make you use JavaScript to complete the description of the page more quickly, and the built-in functions replace the shortcomings of the original browser components to a certain extent.

Introduce ux-js library


<script src="https://www.oschina.net/p/./ux-js/uxjs.min.js"></script>

run the ux-js library

    window.onload = function(){
        /* 使用window.onload可以等待所有的JavaScript加载完成 */


        var button = new Button(100,30,"文字",200,100); 

        /* 同理来说 appendChild也可以用在其他的元素上使用 */


        /* 添加标题栏 */
        /* 代码的参数: UX_Top(Title,height=50,FontColor="black",BGColor="white") */



Using help

Refer to the comments of each file, most of the comments are in Chinese and written very richly.

Uxin applet development architecture (can also be applied to the web)

【! ]Note: Although the applet uses html, JavaScript and css, it is not compatible with any nested pages in HTML.

software catalog

|-- UXApp目录
    |-- ux-js (优信小程序库目录)
    |-- HTML页面 (全部放在根目录,否则无法导入JavaScript)
    |-- js (允许引用其他js文件)
    |-- css (允许引用其他css文件)

development commit

Uxin applet provides a web-side framework, the purpose is to provide a applet architecture support acceptable to Uxin software, but it is completely
The application is designed to be used on the web side. If you want to apply it on the web side, you can refer to the HTML5 standard. Uxin Mini Programs refer to the HTML4 standard,
Based on Javafx webview component

Development Team/Organization

Uxin Team, Firefly Technology, Lianwo Cloud Team

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