Welcome to the PHP basics for WordPress course.

This is a beginners course designed for WordPress students who would like to become WordPress developers.

WordPress as a content management system was built with PHP and its most important files as well as those of plugins and themes are coded with the scripting language. As such if you aspire to be a WordPress developer then you must learn the basics of PHP which is exactly what this course provides.

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0:00 – Beginning
4:45 – What is PHP
11:07 – How to Write PHP Code
18:34 – PHP in WordPress
29:37 – Combining PHP and HTML
33:48 – Working with Conditional Statements
43:31 – How to Write WordPress Functions
50:38 – Intro to Actions & Filters
1:03:54 – Variables & Arrays
1:10:43 – The WordPress Loop
1:15:10 – Conclusion

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32 thoughts on “PHP Basics for WordPress – A Beginners Guide to WordPress PHP”

  1. Hi can anyone tell me if this is the right course for PHP in WordPress? After it can I do work on PHP in WordPress? or do I have to learn PHP completely in order to work on themes and plugins or build any custom functions?

  2. What I don't get is at 40 mins 29 Seconds the image is changed from medium to Thumbnail and the image gets blurred but when Large is chosen the image is clear. Surely an image gets blurred when you make it larger, not smaller ?

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