Collabora engineer Luboš Luňák has been doing some code cleanup on the OpenCL path. These include: some code rewrites, removal of the OpenCL CONVERT() implementation, abandonment of the “stupid” idea of ​​string code in OpenCL, and some optimizations.

In 2013, AMD joined the Documentation Foundation as they pushed their Heterogeneous System Architecture (HSA), and hoped that in this open source office suiteAccelerates with OpenCL. Shortly thereafter, they added a lot of OpenCL functionality to LibreOffice; but today, ten years later, it doesn’t seem to be useful anymore.

Phoronix claims that AMD’s HSA efforts have never been as successful as expected; unfortunately, OpenCL adoption has never been successful on the Linux desktop either. Today, AMD is also no longer an advisory board member of The Document Foundation.

The use of GPU OpenCL in LibreOffice has shown potential when dealing with large Calc spreadsheets, but most Linux desktop distributions still at least not provide OpenCL support out of the box; and for the likes of AMD’s open source drivers, since HSA Since the epoch they abandoned using the Gallium3D “Clover” OpenCL state tracker and now require the ROCm driver stack for OpenCL. Likewise, Intel’s recent preference for their Compute-Runtime stack, which is not widely packaged and shipped, is another hurdle on the road to widespread adoption of OpenCL on Linux desktops.

For now, the OpenCL code remains in LibreOffice; although this weekSome OpenCL commits appear in LibreOffice Git,But in fact very little is known about its talk and code activity.

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