DB-Engines database popularity rankingreleaseUpdate for September.

It can be seen that Oracle has decreased by 22.54 points compared with August, which is the database with the largest drop in scores, and has experienced a rapid decline for three consecutive months. The higher scores were for MySQL and MongoDB.

Trend changes in scores of mainstream databases:

Take a look at the rankings of various types of databases.

Top 10 relational databases

Key-Value (KV) database top 10

Top 10 Document Databases

Top 10 time series databases

Top 10 Graph Databases

DB-Engines ranks database management systems by popularity, and the rankings are updated monthly. The ranking data is based on 5 different metrics:

  1. Number of keyword searches on Google and Bing search engines

  2. Number of searches on Google Trends

  3. Job Search Volume on Indeed Sites

  4. Number of profiles on LinkedIn that mention the keyword

  5. Related questions and number of followers on Stackoverflow

The purpose of this list analysis is to provide a technical direction reference for database-related practitioners, and the rankings involved are not based on factors such as product technological advancement or market share. Regardless of the ranking, choosing the technology that matches the business needs of the enterprise is the most important.

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