deepin 20.7 actively responds to the needs of community users, further improves user experience, fixes underlying vulnerabilities, adds HWE 5.18 kernel to be compatible with more hardware devices, and upgrades Stable kernel to 5.15.45 to improve system stability and security, welcome everyone Experience!


HWE 5.18 kernel

The newly added HWE 5.18 kernel is compatible with more hardware devices to further improve system compatibility and security.

HWE5.18 kernel.jpg

Global search

The function is further optimized to support the internationalization of Google search engine-, and the default search engine can be configured according to user needs.

global search.jpg

Keyboard layout and input method

To meet the demands of Chinese users and overseas users for the convenient use of input methods and keyboard layouts, the overall functions and UI interface have been optimized as a whole.

Keyboard layout and input method.jpg


Added calendar function, supports schedule management and synchronization, expands the rich text editor’s graphic editing and style configuration functions, and optimizes the logic of loading emails in the mailbox directory.

03 Mailbox upgrade.jpg

Internal test channel

A new function button for applying for internal testing has been added to the control center, and the internal testing warehouse source will be automatically installed after application on the web page, which reduces the difficulty of joining and allows more users to easily participate in the internal testing.

Internal testing module.jpg

System Changelog

Function optimization


control center

  • Added internal test function module, you can choose whether to join the internal test through the graphical entrance

  • The logic of input method and keyboard layout has been optimized, taking into account the usage habits of Chinese users and overseas users

  • Time and date added short date sort order

  • Increase the right-click selection effect of the launcher


  • Support the selection in the general settings to automatically adjust the day view and year view, and the display method from Monday to Sunday

  • Support day view to select the date with the left mouse button and drag it to pop up the function of creating a new schedule page

  • Optimize application default size and minimum size display logic

  • Optimize the display logic of the gray date red dot in the year view

  • Optimize the year view to select the performance when clicking on a specific date


photo album

Screenshot recording


  • Added mailbox calendar function to support schedule management and synchronization

  • Added CSV address book batch import function

  • Added recipient prediction function

  • Added mail default font and style configuration function

  • Expand rich text editor, graphic editing, style configuration functions

  • Support for adding phishing email reminders to some corporate mailboxes

  • Add contact import and export drag and drop interaction, optimize vcf file field support

  • Optimized the layout and display of the email body

  • Optimize mailbox deletion interaction

  • Optimize the logic of loading emails in the mailbox directory


  • Added Google Translate, right-click translation option when visiting English websites

  • Right-click on the taskbar to add, create a new window, and create a new privacy window shortcut entry

  • Optimize rounded corners and tab bar height

Global search

  • Supports automatic adjustment of preset search engine items according to different system languages

  • The default search engine can be configured according to user needs

  • Category Folding Button[View More]Support button operation to expand


bug fix




Document management

  • Fixed the problem that after formatting the U disk into vfat format, the U disk type is displayed as ext3 when secondary formatting is performed

  • Fixed the problem that the multi-select folder is opened by right-clicking and selecting the file manager to open, and the software package installer interface pops up

  • Fixed the problem that when searching for non-existing files in the FTP server, the content of the upper-level directory was displayed incorrectly

  • Fixed the problem that the setting result did not take effect immediately when the “Show file system label on disk icon” item was switched in the settings

  • Fixed the problem of permanently deleting certain folders, which could not be completely deleted and no error message was reported

  • Fix the problem that the transfer progress is displayed abnormally when opening the smb server and selecting to send large files



  • Fixed the problem of incorrect display of the refresh effect after clicking on the pop-up box to retry after the installation of the browser extension on some models is incorrect.

  • Fixed some models browser video can not be played, Netease mailbox web page failed to load

  • Fixed the problem that the background of one of the two browser windows opened at the same time was modified on some models


Screenshot recording

look at the picture

app Store

  • Fix the problem that when the app is updated in the store in the English environment, the pop-up box displays Chinese after the installation is complete

  • Fix the system language is Spanish, Polish, when the app store is minimized, the app details page is displayed abnormally

control center

  • Modify the text of the input method shortcut key setting page

  • Fix the control center search does not support the search for the third-level setting items under the input method

  • Fix the problem that the input method configuration box pops up when the system is updated on some models

  • Fix the problem that the input method is incorrectly selected when the mouse right-clicks the input method icon in the unfocused state


  • Fix radeon graphics card terminal taskbar problem

  • Fixed the problem that the window tube crashes when opening multiple windows and closing them continuously, and it cannot be opened again after exiting the special effect mode

  • Fix system security loopholes to improve system security

  • Fixed the problem that the WINE application tray icon fails to wake up after the screen is zoomed on some models

  • Update qemu to solve the problem of docker-desktop running failure

  • Update flatpak to solve the problem that the flatpak program displays abnormally in the taskbar

  • Update powertop to solve the problem that some models cannot run normally

Mirror download


Baidu network disk: Extraction code: sdsv

Google Drive:



Finally, we sincerely thank the organizations and enterprises that provide testing, documentation, translation and mirroring support for deepin. If you have any questions or suggestions about the system, please log in to the deepin forum to participate in the discussion:,thanks for your support!


More exciting, all in deepin20.7!

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