AutoHotkey, the Windows scripting language used to create shortcuts and automation, has officially released AutoHotkey v2 recently and has become the main version. The developer said that v1 will stop maintenance, and it is recommended that users do not continue to use it, and can gradually migrate to v2.

Of course, if users have installed v1, they can still use v1 scripts normally, and v1 can coexist with v2.

Developers say that in the past, there was a requirement for backward compatibility with older versions, which limited improvements and enhancements to the language. v2 does not have this constraint, so many significant improvements over v1 have been added. Breaking the ties to the v1 syntax and structure allows AHK to continue to evolve as a modern and easy-to-use scripting language.

v2 benefits and key features

  • Eliminated double syntax in v1.Legacy (command) syntax and expressions from v1 add to the learning curve. AHK v2 is consistent in the use of expressions, leaving only one syntax to learn and no need to remember how and when to use each syntax.
  • More thorough error detection and reporting.Facilitates troubleshooting and writing more reliable code.
  • Launcher app.The Launcher app provided by v2 can help manage the transition from v1 to v2, and use both versions at the same time (if desired). The Launcher app will run the corresponding version of AHK based on its auto-detection attempts and the user’s settings.
  • Dash app.The Dash app is AHK’s new GUI that can be used to create new scripts, compile scripts, view help files (v2 or v1), run the Window Spy tool, configure startup settings, and specify the default editor for AHK script files.

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