QEMU is a free and open-source emulator that emulates a machine’s processor through dynamic binary translation and provides the machine with a set of different hardware and device models that enable it to run various guest operating systems. It can interoperate with Kernel-based Virtual Machines (KVM) to run virtual machines at near-native speeds. QEMU can also emulate user-level processes, enabling applications compiled for one architecture to run on another.

QEMU 7.1 is released, this version ofnew featuresIncludes initial support for 64-bit LoongArch as a new CPU architecture, support for multiple new RISC-V extensions, support for new Arm CPU features:

  • Live Migration: Supports Zero Copy Send on Linux
  • QMP: New option to export NBD images with dirty bitmaps via “block-export-add” command
  • QMP: new “query-stats” and “query-stats-schema” commands for retrieving statistics from various QEMU subsystems
  • QEMU Guest Agent: Improved Solaris support, new commands “guest-get-diskstats”/”guest-get-cpustats”, “guest-get-disks” now reports NVMe SMART info, “guest-get-fsinfo” now reports NVMe bus type
  • ARM: Emulation support for new machine types: Aspeed AST1030 SoC, Qaulcomm and fby35 (AST2600 / AST1030)
  • ARM: Emulation support for Cortex-A76 and Neoverse-N1 CPUs
  • ARM: Emulation support for Scalable Matrix Extensions, Cache Speculative Control, RAS and many other CPU extensions
  • ARM: “virt” boards now support emulated GICv4.0
  • HPPA: New SeaBIOS v6 firmware with support for PS/2 keyboards in the boot menu, improved serial port emulation, and additional STI text fonts when running with the GTK UI
  • LoongArch: Initial support for LoongArch64 architecture, Loongson 3A5000 multi-processor SoC and Loongson 7A1000 host bridge
  • MIPS: Nios2 boards (-machine 10m50-ghrd) now support vectored interrupt controllers, shadow register sets and improved exception handling
  • OpenRISC: “or1k-sim” machine now supports 4 16550A UART serial devices instead of 1
  • RISC-V: New ISA extensions to support privileged specification version 1.12.0, software access to MIP SEIP, Sdtrig extensions, vector extension improvements, native debugging, PMU improvements, and many other features and miscellaneous fixes/improvements
  • RISC-V: “virt” boards now support TPM
  • RISC-V: “OpenTitan” boards now support Ibex SPI
  • s390x: Emulation Support for s390x Vector-Enhancements Facility 2
  • s390x: s390-ccw BIOS now supports booting from drives other than 512 sector size
  • x86: Virtualization support for architectural LBR
  • Xtensa: support lx106 core and cache test opcodes

Update announcement: https://www.qemu.org/2022/08/30/qemu-7-1-0/

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