Heroku has announced that some free products will no longer be available, beginning November 28, 2022, the following products from the Free Product Plans will be removed:

  • freedynos
  • hobby-devHeroku Postgres
  • hobby-devHeroku Data for Redis plans

They will send a series of emails to affected users. Additionally, Heroku will be removing inactive accounts starting October 26, 2022, as well as the storage associated with accounts that have been deactivated for more than a year.

The announcement mentions that if you don’t take any action on your own free application or database, or don’t upgrade to a paid plan, then:

Officially explaining the motivation for this decision briefly, Heroku’s product, engineering and security teams are putting a lot of effort into managing fraud and abuse of Heroku’s free product program. In order to focus resources on delivering mission-critical functionality to customers, they decided to retire some of their free products.

For the soon-to-be-removed free product, Heroku offers alternatives for some groups:

  • student plan: More to be announced at Dreamforce in September 2022.
  • Non-profit organizations: Currently working with non-profit team, will announce product next year.
  • Open source project:If you are an open source project maintainer and would like to request Heroku support for your project, you can contact the Salesforce Open Source Programs Office at ospo-heroku-credits@salesforce.com.

See FAQ for details.

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Heroku removes some free products – News Fast Delivery – Chinese open source technology exchange community

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