DNS Reaper is aSubdomain takeover tools for attackers, bug bounty hunters and blue teams,Emphasizes accuracy, speed, and the number of signatures in the library.

About 50 subdomains can be scanned per second, each tested with over 50 takeover signatures. This means that most organizations can scan their entire DNS assets within 10 seconds.

DNS Reaper can be used as an attacker or vulnerability hunter

You can run it by providing a list of domains in a file or a single domain on the command line. DNS Reaper will then scan the domain with all of its signatures, producing a CSV file.

Can use DNS Reaper as a defender

You can run it by having it fetch DNS records for you, run it with credentials and test all your domain configurations quickly and easily. DNS Reaper will connect to the DNS provider and get all your records, then test them.

Currently supports AWS Route53, Cloudflare and Azure.Documentation on adding your own provider can be found here

DNS Reaper can be used as DevSecOps Pro

Punk Security is a DevSecOps company with DNS Reaper rooted in modern security best practices.

You can run DNS Reaper in a pipeline, feed it the list of domains you intend to configure, and it will exit if it detects a possible takeover Non-Zero.you evenTakeovers can be prevented where possible!

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DNS Reaper Homepage, Documentation and Downloads – Subdomain Takeover Tool – News Fast Delivery

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