Jeremy Bicha, Ubuntu developer and co-founder of Ubuntu GNOME SuggestRemove the GNOME To Do application from the default installation of Ubuntu 22.10.

GNOME To Do is available as part of Ubuntu’s default software set since Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. But in recent years, the development of the application has gradually slowed down and has been removed from GNOME’s core applications. Recently, its lead developer also resigned as maintainer. Last month, a new maintainer released version 42 of the app and renamed the app Endeavor, in part to acknowledge that it’s no longer part of core GNOME.

Currently, Jbicha is uploading GNOME To Do 41 to Ubuntu 22.10. He said, “Endeavour 42 will follow (maybe next week?), but because of the new package name it has to be approved first in the new queue. I don’t think the new name for the app is intuitive, especially with our These apps tend to have clear names like Files and Document Viewer or recognized brands like Firefox compared to other default apps. This app is currently poorly maintained, although it is always possible to improve in the future . One issue I’m particularly concerned about is that the date picker has broken 4 times in the 41 or 42 version of the app.”

OMG! Ubuntu! point out, while the lack of new features or a more modern UI isn’t a huge deal (it still works as a note-taking app after all), the app’s recent build has had some persistent bugs that have affected its overall practicality. As a result, the developers have made an argument for removing the app from future Ubuntu default installations; so far, everyone is largely in favor of dropping it.

Of course, even though Endeavour (aka To Do) is no longer in Ubuntu’s array of pre-installed applications, it can still be installed from Ubuntu’s repositories via apt install (and other avenues like Flathub).

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Ubuntu may remove GNOME To Do from default installations

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