At the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty, a group of heroes competed for each other, and a generation of heroes and young men brought MPs together to make the princes and the heroes of the world gather together. Recently, they have added a new warrior to their command. Developed and courageous, he has learned the essence of the skills of young crops since he was a child. He has fought a hundred battles in wild sand, and the golden gun cannot fail! Looking up to the sky and screaming: Easy! Then someone sighed and said:

Easy-Es At the end of the Han Dynasty, in the year of Jiazi, the search engine was all messed up.

Introduction to Easy-Es


Official website address Easy-Es (EE for short) is an ElasticSearch search engine open source framework with almost the same syntax (99% similarity) as Mybatis-Plus (MP for short), which can shield language differences, and developers only need to know MySQL syntax to easily control ES search engine. It can significantly lower the threshold for developers, and even a novice who does not know how to use ES can quickly start developing. It can save a lot of code, and implementing the same function can save 3-8 times the code, helping developers reduce the burden and save time. Powerful and complete, it can use 99% of ES high-frequency functions out of the box. The bottom layer is RestHighLevelClient, which ensures its native performance, and can support all ES functions through the hybrid query and native syntax we provide. The world’s first open source index is fully automatic hosting, which can automatically create and perceive index changes, rebuild indexes, and smoothly migrate data without feeling, completely freeing hands. We only make enhancements to RestHighLevelClient without making any changes, so that Easy-Es is always >=RestHighLevelClient, allowing you to advance and retreat without worry. If you have used MP before, the cost of learning EE is almost zero, and you can seamlessly migrate to EE. This is why I chose MP syntax instead of designing one myself. We don’t want users to have to learn the cost, and The MP grammar is a classic, and it is indeed difficult to surpass.

Easy-Es Birth Background

Last year, one of the company’s products had high requirements on query performance. After multiple investigations, the company chose the famous ElasticSearch search engine as the query tool. Although it had a little foundation for ES before, it was not used for a long time, and it was alienated. Not only did it have to re-learn Its obscure grammar requires the completion of the established development tasks, and there are countless swear words in my heart for a while. After a series of 996 ICUs, it is finally online, but the good times are not long, the natural enemies have changed their needs again, and many places have to be redone. , Anyone who has done ES understands it, the complexity is maddening… In contrast, MySQL with the blessing of Mybatis-Plus is so sweet, I can’t help but ask myself, why should I waste my precious time on boring learning The syntax and development of CRUD above? After finally learning it, it will be forgotten if it is not used for a long time, why bother? I can use this time to do more meaningful things, such as learning algorithms, traveling, or spending time with my family. Isn’t it delicious? So I decided to do a big thing, learn from my grandfather MP, and liberate all developers around the world. If there is always someone in this world who has to sacrifice, then sacrifice me. Although I am not Du Fu, who has thousands of buildings in Ander, and my house is only broken and frozen to death, but I love the profession of programmer and was eliminated at the age of 35. Before, you have to leave something behind to prove that you have been here and loved. This coincides with the idea of ​​the Dromara open source community to continue the unique learning for the past, and to create peace for all generations.

Easy-Es King of Glory

Today, Easy-Es has been open source for more than half a year, and the actual development time is just one year anniversary. On the occasion of this anniversary, we officially announced to the global developers that our 1.0 official stable version has been launched, and the emergence of EE has filled The domestic ES-ORM framework is vacant, and it has long occupied the first place in various indicators of the Gitee search engine, as well as the top daily and weekly hot search lists. In terms of function richness, ease of use, performance and other indicators, it has also Outperformed SpringData-ElasticSearch, the former overlord in this field. The above data is not empty mouth, but there are actual data. For details, seeEE official website.I am not kidding to say that it is currently the No.1 in the ES-ORM global open source track, but I will not stop there. There is still a long way to go before the No.1 in the true sense. The reason Part of the reason for being in this position now is that there are too few competitors and not strong enough. I have also analyzed this track. Due to its high difficulty, high complexity, and low user volume (the threshold is relatively high, most users are advanced developers. Those who have just graduated and who have short working experience but few white users with the largest population base) belong to the project with high investment and low return, so few people explore this track, and it is really difficult to stick to it. Of course, today’s achievements are inseparable from the long-term and continuous efforts of our open source developers. Here we pay tribute to the global open source developers, and the spirit of open source Oli! I would also like to say thank you to every user who has supported and affirmed us for a long time. , Without your support, we might not have reached today and died. 3

In order to improve the user experience, so far, we have made 3 versions of our official website in Chinese and English, purchased an exclusive domain name, and accelerated CDN. Each version has hundreds of documents, and only you can understand the workload and investment. It is also ironic, we have achieved today, the world’s known No.1 in this field, and even a GVP can’t be applied for. But now I’m relieved. It’s not that the fox says that the grapes are sour because they can’t eat the grapes. The quality of the GVP projects on the code cloud is also mixed, and everyone knows it. I hope that my users can also treat GVP rationally. Although Codeyun does not give us GVP, we will do our best to polish it and become the GVP in your mind. Please use it with confidence. Up to now, we have covered hundreds of test cases, and the total unit test coverage rate is as high as 95%+. The code has been scanned by Murphy, and there are no security vulnerabilities. We also adhere to the principle of lightest dependence and do not introduce any redundant The third-party dependence of the framework keeps the framework lightweight and reliable. Block-level defects and security problem fixes are controlled within 24 hours. In commercial projects, this may not be a big deal, but we are just an open source project with no income. Your trust is our greatest affirmation!

The old man has something to say

Old man: Eight years of fitness, Rocky bodybuilding certification, 2 years of personal training, 5 years of coding, in order to make friends with you, I attach a top-secret private room photo to show my sincerity.

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Easy-Es 1.0 is officially released! Top Elasticsearch ORM Framework – News Fast Delivery

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